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TomeyMarketing.com came online in early 2004. Owner, Liz Tomey, has been in the direct mail advertising business since 1998. She's provided 1000's of clients with her unique advertising methods that truly work. She has turned her direct mail business over to her staff so that she can create unique advertising services for those marketing online.

Although Liz will still have her hand in her Direct Mail Advertising business, she is dedicating all of her time to creating advertising resources exclusively for those online. She teaches Internet marketers NOT to use the regular every day advertising methods that are constantly being shoved in their face. These methods are over saturated and it's just too hard to make money using them.

By looking for unique ways to advertise you ALWAYS get more for your money. Liz will be providing Internet marketers with unique ways to advertise their online products, services, and/or program both online and offline. By using both online and offline advertising, you can literally EXPLODE your business growth!

Liz's experience in advertising will impress anyone struggling to advertise or those who are looking for new advertising methods to create more profit!

Liz would like to extend an open invitation to you today. All of her personal business building products, and advertising services are listed on this page. If you have any questions, comments, or need advice, you can contact her, and she will be more than happy to help!

A personal note from Liz:

Welcome everyone! After reading the above, I hope you understand that advertising is THE biggest part of your business. If you do not advertise, you do not make money. It's just that simple.

When I started my direct mail business, I struggled for two years to make any money. Once I started finding unique advertising methods that all turned around. I began making money and now I have a very successful business that allows me to do the things that I love.

I encourage you to take your time here. Be sure to take a look at the different advertising methods I offer, and the business building tools I have created. You'll find resources here not offered any where else online. That's not hype. That's the truth!

If at any time, you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. All of my contact information is located on my contact page that you can access here.



I just wanted to take a few moments to say "thank you so very much"!

I appealed to you a couple of months ago (about 2) and you sent me your list building ebook...on the premise that I actually read and put it to good use! I did, and now I have a mailing list of over 1600!! Not too impressive to those of you that have been doing this for much longer, but hey, I figure it's quite a good start!

So, to wrap it up...again, "thank you!" You are a >great teacher and motivator!

See you on the 'inside' :-)

Always Know You Are Appreciated!

All My Best, K.E. "Kathe" Lucas


Congratulations on your very sucessful lauch of the "Adsense Article System."

I purchased it, have submitted my first site for Google approval. I can't wait to actually test it out!

I am so happy that I found someone like you online. As you know, there are a lot of marketers out there, many who are very well-intentioned. However, I have not encountered anyone who is as truthful and giving as you are.

I have not been marketing online very long, but I have learned more from you in a few short weeks thatI have from other marketing "gurus" over the course of several months.

Keep up the fantastic work you do!

Bernie Alexander

This is a personal note to say Thank You for being an inspiration to me. I've looked at your activities and business model for the last few months, and all I can say is "Wow" backwards.

You are always so freely giving. Not only can we give your products away, but we can sell them as well! You've always been there for us.

And you are committed to bringing new products onto the market every month. This should be the commitment of EVERY internet marketer, in my opinion.

I know that some days are real bummers. Like when PayPal stopped your account .. For the second time. I could FEEL the intensity in your email as it hit my screen - ouch !

I've found that internet marketing is a real rollercoaster ride.

Keep your spirit. I'm learning HEAPS.

Brad Smith

Ms. Tomey, you seem to be a very real and genuine person that operates your business and I am sure your life by trying to keep others best interest at heart. You seem not to be just out for yourself. That is very respectable and admirable in a day and age where everyone seems only to be out for themselves, regardless of whom they may hurt and/or take adventage of. I feel very fortunate to have been able to associate with you! If it is to be, I hope to be able to continue to be in association with you!

Larry W Jones

Hi Liz

I am no expert at online marketing and sales, but I do however have an awful lot of managment training. You are the kindest, honest and most supportive online business executive, that I have had the pleasure of being aquainted with. After spending hundreds of pounds on past crap bought to earn online with, I have really fallen on my feet after signing up with you and your programs. Thank you for proving there is decency left in the world.

Kindest regards Fred Monck( UK)


Hi Liz,

My name is Cheryl Antier, and I'm the President and CEO of Dream Weaver Enterprises -- a business and fundraising consulting company. I'm also one of your subscribers. I just read the latest article of Internet Marketing Baby Steps -- and I wanted to write and say thanks!

I'm great at what I do...helping business owners and nonprofit organizations find the funding they need to weave their dreams into reality. But I'm a total newbie who is technologically challenged and probably karma impaired when it comes to the Internet! Reading your article really helped me to stop and think about what I'm doing, and how I'm spending my time, and decide it's time to get more focused.

So again, thanks.



Liz Tomey (a stranger to me at that time) offered me a free membership as she was impressed by a a JV article that I wrote. This magnanimous gesture can only be expected from some one with class, character and caliber... and Liz has them in abundance!.


"Now, may I reach out through the time and space that separate us and extend a hand of friendship with a sincere wish that you will find opportunity right where you are!" - Napoleon Hill

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